Voting on the Internet by foreign voters in the 2025 elections

The Electoral Commission (COMC) is looking to use an online voting system for overseas voters in the 2025 elections.

Comelec / MB

“As you know, Congress must pass a law to do this. In 2022, it will not be possible to use this,” said College Commissioner Row and Guanzon. Provided by Voatz, Inc. Presented.

“If these experimental runs are efficient, effective and cost-effective, we recommend Collect Bank to pass a law that will allow mobile congressional applications in the future. We are looking forward to 2025, ”he said.

“If this attempt is successful, I have no doubt that senators and members of Congress will fully support the mobile voting app,” Guanzon said.

External voting is taking place in person or by mail.

The Office of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs (OECO) believes that voting for a mobile app for future voters will save a lot of money for the College and the national government.

“For example, messaging services, transportation, and most importantly, our overseas voters, especially those on the seafront and those who can’t go out to vote, can easily find them,” Guanzon said.

The first run-off online voting race will begin on September 11, 8 a.m. (Manila time), until September 13, Monday, 8 p.m. (Manila time).

Comelec OFOV There are currently 671 test takers for the test.

Kamelek said other service providers, Indra and Smartmatic, are also set to launch this month.

Under Republican Law No. 10590, the Commission may consider “more paper-based, electronic or Internet-based technology, or other such advanced technology” in space and remote registration and elections, if available. Submit reports and recommendations to the Joint Congress oversight committee.

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