There is no risk of weather but the quality of the air will decrease

On Wednesday, the cold front did not seem to appreciate the dry air, but it did open the door for wildfire smoke to enter the atmosphere. High winds are blowing wildfires into the atmosphere, and air quality in Central Texas is declining over time to some of the most unhealthy levels. Air quality drops from “moderate” Wednesday to “unhealthy for emotional groups”. Those sensitive groups, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, have heart or lung disease, older adults and children. Everyone is aware of the slightest mist in the atmosphere, perhaps for a few days. Atmospheric fumes should remain at least until Friday and possibly over the weekend. For mild weather, it’s a smooth sailing for us. From mid-60’s to mid-60’s to early Sunday morning, the temperature dropped to 90’s today. Because dry air is in place, the temperatures heat up quickly, but the temperature values ​​are at or below the actual temperature. The high pressure around it should rise in the mid-90’s through Sunday afternoon and generally in clear skies.

Climate change is coming next week. The tropical waves in the western Caribbean are set to hit the western Gulf this weekend. Atmospheric conditions are not conducive to tropical development (only 20% chance of tropical depression or hurricane intensification) but Gulf moisture should enter the region and be delayed for next week. Rainfall will be heavier and heavier for a few days near the Gulf Coast, with total rainfall expected to be 4 ″ and 6 ″ + by next Friday. For us, we are far from losing the heavy rain, but there are still opportunities to keep rain opportunities around us, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, perhaps until Thursday. Some question marks The next week’s rainy season is likely to be around the end of the week. If the front can get closer to us, it will help to increase the chances of rain next Wednesday or Thursday. For now, the front seems to be far enough away. As moisture enters, we turn around on comfortable mornings and dry afternoon trends. Morning temperatures range from 90 to 90 degrees Celsius from the following week to the mid-70’s. Although it is “cold”, temperature indicators should rise daily in semi-partially cloudy skies up to the mid-90s.

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