San Diego Weather – Summer Seasons, Possible Thunderstorms, Village Moisture

Today is another warm day, San Diego. In some areas, thunderstorms are expected to continue in the county on Thursday. Here is what you need to know about the weather in San Diego County by the end of the week. The San Diego National Weather Service provides temperature advice to San Diego County mountains and … Read more

Dry and hot weather continues as we look at the Gulf

(KSLA) – Reinforcement has arrived! Another cold front is pushing its way through ArkLaTex. This does not bring any rain, but it does shed more moisture! The Gulf of Mexico could be hit by another storm over the weekend. This evening will be great to enjoy! There will be no rain, and the clouds will … Read more

Perfect weather for ArkLaTex lasts all week

(KSLA) – The weather could not be better this week! Temperatures still exist in the 90s, but there is little moisture! Plus, there is plenty of sunshine every day! This evening will be great. With low humidity, not everyone feels so bad! Closer to the sunset, temperatures are already lower than in the 80’s. And … Read more

Improving weather on Labor Day – and beyond – in New England

The slow-moving front, which brings us a lot of gray Sunday, is pushing Labor Day to the east and the sea. That morning was to improve the weather in areas that are still raining in eastern New England. For southern and eastern New England, much of the sun’s humidity and temperatures are close to 80 … Read more

SLO County Weather Forecast for September 5 – Opportunity for rain and thunderstorms

The total expected rainfall is from Thursday to Friday. The European Central Meteorological Center (ECMFF) forecast up to 0.75 inches of rainfall, while the Global Forecasting System (GFS) shows less than 0.10 inches of rainfall. John Lindsay Endless summer Central Coast weather produces night and morning sea fog clouds and fog pockets, and afternoon clearing … Read more

Metro Detroit Weather – Saturday Night Rain

Detroit – In addition to a few morning splashes and scattered light showers, we have a great first day for a three-day holiday weekend! Our Saturday night is characterized by low nightfall in the 60s and 60s (16 to 17 degrees Celsius). The southwest wind, 7 to 12 miles[7 to 12 km]northwest, changes late. It … Read more

Weather: Happy Saturday with increasing clouds, rainfall

Detroit -We will begin to dry up on Saturday, and today will be a very cloudy three-day holiday Saturday. Yes, some of us are seeing sun breaks this morning and perhaps this afternoon before the rising clouds take over the sky. As for rain, that is a more subtle part of the forecast than I … Read more

Metro Detroit Weather – Labor Day weekend forecast is here

Detroit -The exciting Summer-Summer Weather Week is over as expected, and yet another wonderful day awaits us. We start the day with a mostly sunny sky, and in the afternoon we see some high clouds passing by. High again in the mid-70s (25 to 26 degrees Celsius) means a good day! 3 to 6 miles … Read more

Metro Detroit weather – it feels like a fall! For how long?

We hope you enjoy this beautiful start to September and the great few nights here in Metro Detroit here. On Thursday morning, temperatures plummeted to unprecedented temperatures in the mid-50s near Detroit, and some suburbs were rolling out of the city with 40s. The cold skies this morning will continue into your afternoon so we … Read more

Weather – In the afternoon the temperature rises to 80 degrees when the humidity drops tonight

Detroit -Tuesday, welcome to his death. This is what summer is all about now. It is warm, bright and comfortable. The temperature in the afternoon will be over 50 degrees Fahrenheit[50 ° C]with dew points. The humidity is also low tonight. Detroit Tigers host Oakland Athletics at 7:10 p.m. at American Park. The weather is … Read more