Report – Failure to link “media corruption” to climate

Lincoln, NAB – New research shows that the country’s most trusted news sources are throwing the ball as they help voters in Nebraska and across the country connect points between more frequent and severe weather events and the warmer planet.

Scientists have repeatedly warned that climate change is exacerbating droughts, wildfires and floods, and that hurricanes are becoming more severe.

But Allison Fisher – director of climate and energy programming at the Monitoring Group Media – said Americans are not getting the full story.

Fisher said that “hesitation in linking extreme weather events to climate change on these networks” is the third train of climate change, confusing, and suspiciously linked to fossil fuel industry campaigns.

Over 4 hours of wall-to-wall coverage of hurricane cover, corporate broadcasting and cable news, only 4% reported climate change.

A recent report by the world’s top climate scientists shows that greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced from fossil fuels in less than a decade to prevent catastrophic disasters.

Fisher said it was a media corruption not to link climate change to catastrophic events.

Fisher said the news coverage of the hurricane had improved as the storm moved to higher public centers on the east coast.

“And it hit the media center in New York City,” Fisher said. He had to take a closer look at what was behind the record-breaking rain. And the answer is climate change.

Fisher said the burning of oil, gas and coal is important to be part of the national dialogue.

Fisher is the first step in “climate change.” And then, to alleviate these problems or to solve these problems, you need to start a discussion of ‘Well, who is responsible and who is responsible, and what is being done or is being done’.

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