Quiet and cool weather enters

Rockford (WREX) – Short Storms Thunderstorms are out of the picture, and there will be quiet weather for several days in a row. After 3 days in the 80’s, we see those values ​​disappear for two days.


By the end of the week, the cold weather will be a few days before the heat starts.

In the cold front, it pushes in the afternoon and brings cold and dry afterwards. The rest of the day is windy and less humid. Temperatures may soon return to the 80s, but these conditions should be more comfortable without exposure to humidity.

Tonight, the congested air is gone. We fall into the lower 50s, leaving no clue. Look for clear and dry weather.

We will be moving closer to the average starting Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures rise to the top 70. Both days provide low humidity and bright, sunny conditions. Cool evenings should be warm and comfortable. Both nights are close to 40.

We will not continue to skim straight into the fall. A summer or two return to summer conditions begins every month, perhaps this coming weekend.

Summer heat is not complete;

We must not say goodbye to the 80’s. In fact, we typically see an average of 80 degrees Celsius at the beginning of October. September also takes 2 days in the 90’s, so some summer heat is not normal. We may be approaching those levels this Saturday.

After a cold day, the weather is at a low roller coaster early next week.

Until then, Friday will be sunny and trends will warm up. Look for temperatures to return to the low 80s. Humidity is low, leading to warmer climates.

Saturday is a day that feels more like summer. Temperatures rise to the high 80s, and we also have a touch of humidity back in the air. That may be enough to move the thermostat up to 90 degrees. Staying on the theme of the week, Saturday stays sunny and dry.

But as soon as the heat comes in, it goes away quickly. Sunday returns to the lower 80s. The day should be dry and sunny, despite changes in temperature and conditions. Moisture also falls, giving back comfort.

Then we may hover forward to 80 degrees. We are likely to return to the top 70 next Monday. According to the Climate Forecast Center, you want to stay above average for the next few weeks. By the middle of the month, this could mean 80 more days.

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