Prior to the farmers’ protest, the Haryana government had cut off mobile internet in five districts

Ahead of protests by farmers at the canal today, the Haryana government has blocked mobile internet service in five woredas in the state. Internet service will be suspended in the Kurukshara, Kaital, Jin and Panipat districts of Moscow from 12 noon to 11:59 p.m.

A day earlier, on Monday, a day earlier, on August 28, at the Ministry of Farmers’ Office in Gerao, central forces were deployed, banned, and anti-mobilization orders were issued.

According to Hariya and the police consultant, there may be some traffic disruptions in the district on Tuesday at National Highway No. 44 (Ambala-Delhi).

Therefore, he advised the general public to use H44 to avoid traveling in the canal city or to use alternative routes to reach their destinations on September 7.

10 Central Armed Forces companies are operating in the district where local authorities have issued prohibited orders under Article 144 of the CRPC, officials said.

Harina and BKU chief Guernam Singh Chaduni said they had given the administration a September 6 deadline to comply.

He had a meeting with district administration officials on Monday, but could not get a satisfactory answer to their questions, so they decided to have a big punch on Tuesday morning before going to the office on Tuesday.

“We will hold a peaceful protest, but if the administration stops us, we will break down the defense,” Chaduni told reporters here. Ordered by the Department of the Interior, mobile internet services (2G / 3G / 4G / CDMA / GPRS), SMS services, wholesale SMS (excluding bank and mobile charging) and all Dongle services, etc., will be blocked except for voice calls. “To prevent any disturbance of peace and public order” in the canal.

In the evening, another order was issued by the department to ban mobile internet in the four adjacent districts. “… There is a clear potential for damage to public utilities and security, public property and utilities, and law and order in the districts near Carnel, due to misuse of Internet services. How to Spread Stimulating Stories and False Stories… ” Earlier, the district administration issued a restraining order in accordance with Article 144, citing a ban on planned roadblocks by five or more people and a traffic consultant.

Late in the evening, a Haryana police spokesman said that, as needed, the planned traffic on the Delhi-Ambala National Highway would be operational from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, but until then, traffic would be normal.

Cardinal Police Superintendent Gangam Ramia Nia said he has deployed a total of 40 company security guards, including 10 Central Army police officers, including CRPF and BSF personnel.

An additional force from neighboring districts, five SP level officers and 25 DSP officers will oversee security operations here, Punia said. Samuel Kisan Morcha (SKM), part of an umbrella group of farmers in protest of agricultural laws, threatened to besiege the Channel Mini Secretariat on Tuesday if the demands were not met. On August 28, a group of farmers disrupting traffic on a nearby National Highway in protest of a BBC meeting. More than 10 protesters were injured. SMS urges opposition farmers to “break their heads” The killing of tape recorder ISUS Sinha was recorded. Sinha, now revised by some other ISS officers, has now been posted as an additional secretary in the Citizens’ Resources Information Unit. Chaduni has previously filed a lawsuit against the medical staff. He also demanded compensation 25 million and a government job for the family of a farmer who was reportedly injured in a landslide. However, the administration here said that the farmer was not injured by the police action, but died of a heart attack. PTI SUN VSD AAR AAR

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