Perfect weather for ArkLaTex lasts all week

(KSLA) – The weather could not be better this week! Temperatures still exist in the 90s, but there is little moisture! Plus, there is plenty of sunshine every day!

This evening will be great. With low humidity, not everyone feels so bad! Closer to the sunset, temperatures are already lower than in the 80’s. And it will be completely clear without clouds in the sky. Therefore, there will be no rain. If you burn on this Labor Day, you can’t have better weather to do this!

It will be a wonderful night. It stays nice and clear without rain. The humidity often makes it very harsh during the night hours, and raise the temperature. However, if all goes well, the temperature will drop from the lowest to the mid-60s! The temperature was last cold in early June! You may be left with windows open tonight!

Tuesday will be another wonderful day! There may not be a single cloud in the sky all day long! I don’t expect at least one drop of rain. It warms up to 90 degrees, so it is still a little warmer. Although the humidity is still very low. So it feels good!

Wednesday seems to be going well. There is another strengthening of the cold front on Wednesday. This will be a dry cold front, so it will not bring any rain. There may not be many clouds. So I wait for sunlight all day long. As this next front comes in, we get what is called a compression heater. This means that the front is facing north and the temperature is slightly warmer. The peak Wednesday will be the mid-90s. Don’t worry, low humidity means we don’t have a three-digit temperature.

Thursday will fall to normal temperatures. That reinforced cold building will now be to the south, and will bring even cooler air. This humidity is low and helps keep the temperature from overheating. The peaks are in the lower half of the 90’s. There will be more sunlight without the chance of rain during the day.

Friday should be nice and dry with no rain. There should also be plenty of sunlight for the day. Temperatures range from afternoon to mid-90’s.

This weekend will be great. Don’t look for rain, but a lot of sun on both days. Moisture will be low for another two days, so use it whenever you can. It will be hot in the mid-90’s. If you plan anything this weekend, you don’t have to worry about the weather!

Larry is a major hurricane in the tropics. It is still CAT 3 with winds of more than 120 miles. The eye wall is also unusually large. The good news is that it will remain in the Atlantic Ocean. It should be very close to Bermuda, but the worst weather will be east of the island. There is no threat from this system to the East Coast. We are also looking at the Gulf of Mexico for some development. For now, the chances are only 30% lower. Even if something happens, it can be nothing more than a rainstorm near Florida. We will be your first alert as this progresses.

Have a great Monday and have a great day off on Labor Day! Make this week great!

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