One more CV-19 case at Newport Prison: Bad weather delays other results

Northern State Correctional Institution
Northern State Correctional Institution in Newport. Photo courtesy Vermont Corrections Department

Another inmate at Newport Prison was positively tested for VV-19 and the outbreak has reached 40 in the region’s largest detention center.

Meanwhile, weather delays last week thwarted the efforts of staff at St. Albans Prison in Hurricane Ida. They did not enter the Massachusetts laboratory on time and were rescheduled on Tuesday.

“Due to the weather on the beach and below, there were unsuccessful attempts,” said correctional spokesman Rachel Feldman on Tuesday. Trials have a shelf life. If they do not come to the laboratory within a certain period of time, they will be considered damaged. ”

A recent investigation into the arrest of a man arrested in Newport’s Northern Territory Detention Center on Thursday revealed an additional investigation, Feldman said.

Newport has been the epicenter of 40 cases of CV-19 cases in recent weeks, including 33 inmates and seven in staff. The prison has a capacity of 433 moderate inmates.

Feldman said Tuesday that many inmates who have been positively tested for VV-19 have been “called for medical treatment”, and 13 inmates have now been positive for the virus.

“We are saddened by the results, but that does not mean we will lower our security,” he said.

Another round of mass trials was taking place at Newport Prison on Tuesday.

According to Foldman, the Newport Institute and the Northwest Prison in St. Albans will remain locked.

Last weekend, two inmates at St. Albans Prison tested positive for coronavirus. Further investigation revealed that no new CV-19 cases were found among the detainees, Feldman said Tuesday.

Feldman said the correction department is still waiting for new test results for staff at St. Albans Institute.

According to Feldman, the 15 individuals and three inmates in the state prison system are Covid-19 positive.

“In four of our six facilities in the state, there are COV-positive issues,” Feldman said. The North East Prison Complex in St. Johnsburg and the state’s only women’s prison are Chattanooga County, South Burlington.

The penitentiary reported on Friday that two inmates at St. Albans Prison had a positive test and that two employees of the Southern State Prison were being tested for cholera.

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