Nevada community preparing for new fiber internet alternative

(TNS) – Fiber Internet is on its way to Spring Creek, fulfilling its promise to residents two years ago.

Mark Fest, CEO of CC Communications, recalled the date of his presentation to the Board of Directors of Spring Creek on August 27, 2019.

At the time, Sisi was one of the three competing broadband companies – along with Saflink (now Anthem Broadband) and Choice Broadband – which was chosen by the association as an in-depth look at residents’ Internet problems.

Fest has announced plans to build a fiber optic cable in the Southwest Gas Corporation’s canal. SCA has also promised that it will not be obligated to pay any subsidy for the cable.

“If we are on your property, we will not ask you to pay rent,” Fest told the board. He added that his company has expanded to other parts of the region, adding, “We are well on our way.”

CC Communications has a long history in Nevada, with Churchill Council Commissioners starting with 979 telegraph services. Seven years later, telephone lines were replaced by telegraph lines.

Over time, technology has improved telephone lines for Churchill County, and the company It entered the cellular market in 1990. Five years later, it was renamed CCTV Communications for the booming Internet.

Although the epidemic has slowed down, it has taken more time to bring more communities, including Spring Creek and Elko and Elko Summit States, but it is worth it.

“I think we have the ability to execute the program quickly with the help of Elek, a long-time contractor and local Elk,” Faet said.

NNE Director Sam Ballard said his company has a “good working relationship” with SCC Communications. “By bringing that service here, we are very excited to expand our Internet capacity. We value CC Communications.”

“We know everyone we talked to was happy,” said Jay Lingenfelter, director of communications at SCC Communications. He said he has worked with Ballard for 20 years

Westen Williams, NNE project manager and resident of the Spring Creek Association, called it “exciting” and “privileged” to bring “high speed members of our community to the Internet.”

On July 28, CCTV began its first season on Spring Creek Broadband. The company, in conjunction with NAEE Construction, has begun the process of installing the backbone: a large, orange gateway that provides fiber-optic service to each of the four sub-sections of the association: Marina Hills, Tract 100; Vista Grande, Tract 200; Sunset Ridge, Tract 300; And Palace Heights, Tract 400 – as well as Pleasant Valley.

Finding a solution to the Internet problem is generally welcomed by SCA Director Tom Hanun. He was digging in the Vista Grande room on Brent Drive.

“We are thrilled to see fast internet coming into the Spring Creek area,” Hanu said.

“I live near Lamoil and have seen growth,” county commissioner Rex Steininger said. “It was amazing, and we fully support your efforts to bring the service to Spring Creek.

County Commissioner John Carr said the Internet has become less of a luxury and a daily necessity.

“We all struggle with a very slow and unreliable internet,” says Carr. Now the Internet is like natural gas, electricity. It is now more useful.

As a community partner, CC Communications participates in events such as the Freedom Festival and Spring Creek, a major donor to the Spring Creek Men’s and Women’s Club.

After introducing SCC Communications to Spring Creek, the company grew into Elco, and The Star Hotel became the company’s first downtown customer.

The villas in the Riverside apartment building have been the new residence for broadband in the past few weeks.

“They are ready to go,” Fest said.

After first requesting significant funding from the City Council, CC Communications is partnering with Elco County to provide permanent broadband service assistance.

CC Communications requires $ 7.35 million, $ 18.37 million for the project, 40% of the project cost, and the rest to be broadcast by Broadband.

But I will never forget the promise made by Fest Spring Creek two years ago to address the Internet issues of homeowners and businesses.

“It’s a big day for Spring Creek,” said Fest. It is expanding, and we are happy to bring it to this community.

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