Mobile internet blocked in front of Farmer Mahapanchayat and Mini-Office Gerao

The Harina government on Monday ordered the “Farmers’ Mahapanchayat” and mobile internet services planned by the Ministry’s office to be closed by the Ministry’s office a day earlier and on August 28.

Mobile Internet services in the Carnel County will be suspended from 12:30 a.m. Monday through Tuesday, according to the Interior Ministry.

The order was issued to prevent any disturbances in the peace and security of the state in the territory of the canal. All Dongle services provided etc.

There is a strong possibility that the protests will have a negative impact on public safety and law and order. Situation in Carnel District on September 7 for Kisan Mahapanchayat.

“And there is a clear potential for disruption of public utilities and security, public property and utilities, and law and order as a result of the misuse of Internet services by spreading infected material and rumors. It can be transmitted through mobile internet services, SMS services and other Dong services through social media. ”

Mobile internet services have been blocked to stop the spread of misinformation and rumors through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones. He said that by burning, vandalizing or engaging in other acts of violence, it could lead to serious loss of life and public activities that could cause damage to public and private property.

He said all Hariyana telecom service providers have been instructed to ensure compliance with the order.

Earlier Monday, a ban on five or more gatherings was issued in the canal.

The district administration has issued orders with CRPC Section 144 and a traffic consultant along with planned road turns, officials said.

Samuel Kisan Morcha (SKM), an umbrella for farmers’ clothing, has threatened to besiege the Channel Mini Secretariat on September 7 if the demands are not met.

Haruna and Bartia Kissana (Chaduni) General Guurna Sing Chaduni will be held at the Carcharchants on Tuesday, after which farmers will proceed to the mini-office.

Farmers will gather at the channel’s new manager Mandy on Tuesday morning, ”he said.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on August 28, protesting against a BBC rally on a nearby national highway. More than 10 protesters were injured.

SMS calls for the killing of opposition farmers’ IAS Sinha, ‘IUS Sinha, who is being held on tape for’ breaking the heads’, ‘he said.

Sinha, now revised by some other ISS officials, has now been posted as an additional secretary in the Citizens’ Resources Department.


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