Internet Shutdown Easy, Condition Standard – J&K Police After Special Funeral

Mobile Internet and Broadband Services in J & K After the Death of Syed Glanni (File)


Restrictions on Internet services following the death of separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Gelani last week have been improved, police said on Tuesday. Restrictions by security forces and “the most responsible behavior of the local people.”

Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh praised the police, the army and the middle class for their “professional handling of the situation on the ground.”

“We must move forward together to strengthen peace by identifying the enemies of peace and cracking down on evil elements (and). Most restrictions, including the Internet, have been fixed: “It’s completely normal, but it’s under close scrutiny,” J&K police said on Twitter.

In the Kashmir Valley – where networking is routinely blocked to prevent security threats – eight out of 10 provinces (excluding Sirinagar and Bugam) mobile internet services have been restored. Voice calls and broadband internet services are back on Friday night.

In the days following his death last week, police said the situation was “under control” and “there have been no unexpected incidents in the last two days … due to human cooperation.”

“We are reviewing the disconnection of telephone lines and internet services and I believe we will restore them soon,” said Dilbag Singh.

In addition to the loss of internet services, on Friday, after the death of Mr. Gelani, all major mosques and places were closed to prevent protests or funeral prayers in their absence.

Mr. Gelani, 92, passed away last week and was buried in a cemetery near his home.

The family said they were not allowed to participate in the final rites after police broke down the door, abused family members, and forcibly removed the body.

The police took the body. We wanted a funeral in the morning, but they refused. They opened the doors and treated the family badly.

Police defended the move, the family agreed to a nightclub just to change their minds – “perhaps under pressure from Pakistan and the perpetrators” – and forced the authorities to intervene.

Police also posted videos of the funeral and other rumors that Mr. Gelani was buried without washing or covering.

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