Improving weather on Labor Day – and beyond – in New England

The slow-moving front, which brings us a lot of gray Sunday, is pushing Labor Day to the east and the sea. That morning was to improve the weather in areas that are still raining in eastern New England.

For southern and eastern New England, much of the sun’s humidity and temperatures are close to 80 degrees Celsius.

However, from Southeast Canada to Vermont and New Hampshire, there is a cool air in the sky with a high pressure system. This northern New England will create round clouds and bathing opportunities on Monday afternoon.

The temperature drops sharply toward the Canadian border, with the sun setting in the 60’s. But the best weather in southern New England may be Monday night.

High-pressure winds from southeastern Canada worked Tuesday, with lots of dry air and seasonal temperatures, high sunshine in the 70s, and more than 60 miles to the Canadian border.

Another powerful front is working through the Great Lakes region, adding clouds in New England on Wednesday. But most of the rain seems to have to wait until dinner time or late at night. When Wednesday night and Thursday cross here, the forehead will be slightly lower, for rain and thunderstorms until Thursday morning.

After that we have fresh air from Canada again, and the view towards Friday and weekend is mostly dry weather and mostly in the 70s.

The road to southeast of Bermuda is Larry Hurricane, which creates a huge, powerful base in the ocean. That means we will have a tidal wave on the New England coast on Wednesday, with a slight swelling for a long time. And the storm will continue to build until Friday, especially on the Outer Cape and the islands and off the coast of Maine.

These waves may disappear by the end of the week, and we hope you will leave us as good as our 10 day forecast forecast.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and reflects an unusual trend in tourist-dependent businesses.


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