Important ground media text on Internet regulation

Key news

With the exception of Japan, most Asian stocks lost ground. MSCI dropped from emerging markets to border markets and South Korea collapsed as the government sought to regulate Internet companies. A familiar sound? Many brokers have opened fire and questioned questions, believing that many brokers in Naver and Cocoa have dropped significantly today.

We have reports that Tencent and NetEase must ensure that minors comply with the limited hours. Again, the income percentage for children will not be a factor in Tencent’s Q2 earnings, “Players under the age of 16 account for 2.6% of the total receipts for our Chinese games. Of these, 0.3% were under-12 players.

The list of Internet shares listed in Hong Kong has been merged. The article states: “Strengthened anti-monopoly regulation by preventing and promoting capital fraud by investigating and dealing with the monopoly and unfair competition practices of related companies in accordance with the law. The results have been achieved, and the order of fair competition in the market is constantly evolving. ”

I think the key line is “arrived” because it indicates that we are nearing the end. As we mentioned yesterday, the article reaffirmed the government’s commitment to private enterprises, based on the bold “Status and Role of Non-Governmental Economy.” [China’s] Economic and social development has not changed! Unresolved, the principles and policies to encourage, support and guide non-governmental economic development have not changed! ” The article reiterates his commitment to the economy and the capital market.

Tensent saw another net purchase with Meytuan through the Southboard Stock Exchange. Although I could not find the details, the main land market had a happy day because the traditional energy stocks were on the news about the launch of the green energy trade program. EV ecology / solar / wind / industrial metals are disappearing in profit today. Foreign investors were the first net sellers in twelve days, selling -250 mm. It should be noted, however, that they were Shanghai stock (value / beverage) sellers of Henzen shares (growth names).

H-Share Update

Hang Singh opened higher but closed in the afternoon -0.12% by -10.25% yesterday. Of the 210 Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong as MSCI China shares, + 1.68%, utilities + 1.16% and real estate + 0.4%, followed by Materials -1.28%, Tech -1.07% and Energy -0.79%. Hong Kong’s best-selling Tencent + 1.75%, Meituan + 1.4%, Alibaba HK + 0.52%, Xiaomi -2%, Kuaishou Tech -2.6%, BYD -0.44%, AIA -0.32%, ANTA Sports + 3.82%, Geely Auto -3.14% and HK + 1.89%. Southbound’s concrete trade accounted for 12.8% of the total land exchange, while the major investors bought Hong Kong’s shares for $ 95 million.

A-Share Update

Shanghai, Hen Nzen and STAR board -1.04%, + 0.08% and -1.8% total + 5.22% of the 1-year average of 156%. In MSCI China, 542 major stocks accounted for -0.39% in utilities + 3.28%, in communications + 3.06%, energy + 1.53% while -1.75%, healthcare -1.07% and industry -0.87%. The main price of the main land is broker East Money + 3.19%, China North Reykjavík -2.11%, TBEA Co -3.99%, GoeTek + 10%, Inner Mongolia Baoto Stell + 1.6%, China Three Gorge Renewer -0.15%, Tianki Lithium + 2.04%, Long Green Energy -3.23%, Power Building + 6.67% and BOE Tech + 2.76%. North Port’s shareholdings were modest when foreign investors sold: Northbound Concrete traded at 5.1% of the total land exchange, with 250mm of mainland shares.

Last night’s exchange rates, prices and products

  • CNY / USD 6.46 with 6.46 yesterday
  • Yesterday CNY / EUR 7.63 and 7.67
  • 10-year government bond 2.87% and 2.86% yesterday
  • The 10-year China Development Bank bond was up 3.20% and 3.19% yesterday
  • Copper price -0.53%

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