ICE introduces weather forecasting data and analytics on the ICE Connect® platform

Atlanta and New York- (Business Wire) – Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), a global information, technology and marketing infrastructure provider, announced today the launch of its weather forecasting platform on the ICE Connect platform. ICE Link users will now be able to first link weather forecast data to streaming data, making it easier to see how changing weather forecasts will affect market prices.

Temperatures, degrees, rainfall, visibility, wind and solar energy are just a few of the meteorological factors that can affect energy, agriculture and other weather-related devices. Understanding the variables of these forecasts is crucial for traders, analysts and meteorologists. ICE proprietary technology provides a solution to help organize, measure, and digitalize a vast array of streaming weather and pricing information that transforms its customers into practical insights.

“Access to global weather information designed for safety standards gives ICE customers the unique ability to make informed decisions,” said Morisa Bauman, executive director of ICE Desktop Products. Investors, traders, and market participants focus on the relationship between climate, climate, and markets as they seek to manage risk and identify opportunities. ICE Climate Solutions provides users with other compelling resources to plot, analyze, and understand the growing relationship between meteorological forces and their impact on price information.

By combining streaming weather information with ICE’s extensive pricing data collection, customers can interact with weather and price information to understand and analyze the impact of weather forecasts on energy, agriculture and other factors affecting equipment prices. You can easily imagine and measure the environment and intensity of weather events that will help users better understand market price movements. ICS has also introduced an example of innovative weather data that allows users to easily access raw weather on a daily or hourly basis for in-depth statistical analysis of market data.

The ICE Climate Forum uses information from some of the world’s most popular climate forecasting models, including the global forecasting system and European Central Regional Weather forecasting. The solution provides higher spatial and temporal quality from these sources, giving users a more accurate version of these government weather forecasts. It also includes forecasting and weather forecasting for thousands of global weather conditions, including daily and hourly intervals. All weather forecasts are permanently archived and weather forecasts are maintained by all weather forecasts for up to 40 years.

ICS continues to build tools to better understand the role that ESG estimates and non-financial factors play in exposing market opportunities and risk awareness. ICE recently launched ICE Climate Disaster Risk Reduction to help enable analysis and comparison between specific municipalities and security.

ICE Weather is now available through ICE Connect. For more information on ICE weather supply, please visit

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