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One way or another, regular contact with the Internet can, among other things, endanger your data. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly on the lookout for fraudulent messages, messages or phishing scams. This is why it is important to do your best to keep the Internet safe. Because Google’s services and applications are used by millions of people around the world, the tech giant often offers tips on how to stay safe. Soon on it Google India Twitter handle technology giant ABC shares internet security We’ll be back to the ABCs. But this time it’s ABC’s internet security? ”Reads on Twitter. Look at those ABCs

Always keep your personal details to yourself

Google says you should not share it with anyone on the Internet. “There is no sharing of birthdays, bank details or even the name of your football game with strangers on the internet. This may sound like advice, but it is really important. People often end up sharing inappropriate details and can cause potential dangers on the Internet.

Beware of bad actors in your inbox

There are a lot of spam that users get Gmail. Despite spam filters and other tools, shady emails may end up in your inbox. Google It has a phishing protection tool to help you cope. Google “Gmail phishing protection” warns you about phish-y-like emails.

Change your passwords frequently

Well, because they are ABCs, the tips are meant to be simple but effective. Google’s advice is to change your passwords as often as possible. We know it looks a little boring and annoying but it is in the security of your data on the internet. “If you are not sure if your passwords need to be changed, take them Password check To protect him, ”says Google. The password check tool is available for your Google Account and will tell you if your password is weak or ‘hacked’.


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