FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Good weather is set to end this week, chances are it will return to the weekend

The highs will close on average over the next 10 days(KPLC)

Lake Charles, La K.C. Before the humidity returns to the area and the storm begins, our chances of rain will last until the end of Saturday, and it looks like a lot of sticking out next week.

For Thursday we were back in the lower 90s but it was stuck around low humidity
For Thursday we were back in the lower 90s but it was stuck around low humidity(KPLC)

It would be nice to see the latest word until tonight and any outdoor activities will be fine and I strongly encourage you to enjoy all the fresh air we see out. It will not be as quiet as the last few nights in the upper 60’s and 70’s north near I-10 north, but as far as the south is concerned, this will be a clear start. Thursday is a sunny day. Winds change slightly to the northeast, but this means that our dew points remain between the mid-60s. As we move into the upper 80s and 90s and into the upper 90s and into the upper 90s, the temperature will be the same as in the late afternoon, but we will definitely take it until early September. High pressure will remain our friend for the rest of the week and a lot of sunlight is in our forecast.

Rain chances are high and will last until next week
Rain chances are high and will last until next week(KPLC)

Since the main jet stream stays well north of us, there are no significant fronts on the horizon to bring this rain to the area because it generally does not change much. There is a weak boundary to drop dew points again by Friday morning, but this front is what we call a dry front so that the rain does not just keep the cold temperatures. Waking up on Friday and Saturday mornings, they expect a slightly higher 50 ቻል in the early 60’s in the lower 60’s north and mid 60’s south to Oakdale or Fort Polk. A few weeks after we are very much in need of renewal. As we entered the weekend, there were some changes, but from the end of Saturday we saw the humidity rising and sticking to Sunday and next week.

Rainfall will be reversed at the end of the 7-day forecast
Rainfall will be reversed at the end of the 7-day forecast(KPLC)

Chances are it will start with Sunday hurricanes scattered in the actual mix, but until Monday the deepest humidity returns and that mix seems to be leading to widespread rainfall. Unfortunately, the unstable design seems to be stuck in the middle of the next week before a more scattered nature returns. Clouds remain stable from mid-to-80s, as they limit sunlight and threaten daily storms. Regarding the tropics, Larry continues to move north and gradually weaken, and the Gulf War is now 60% likely to occur in the next five days, with Mindy. This has no effect on our climate, as the front pushes all the moisture to the south and east. Now enjoy the wonderful weather for the next few days.

The latest on tropics is here
The latest on tropics is here(KPLC)

Meteorologist James Duram

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