Enjoy the internet during the stay, it can be destroyed by the weather crisis

Maybe, you know, you have the upper hand that you were born into the wrong generation? TikTok Entertainment Before the abyss, your person-looking smartphones, maybe even pre-Google (endless knowledge is too much, of course) could your view be much better? That time may come again for the horrors of a series of extreme weather events.

For decades, researchers have been aware of the dangers of the most powerful solar storms – the increase in magnetic particles known as “solar winds” that have had a devastating effect on the planet – including damaged electrical networks and longer signals. . However, new research suggests that solar eclipses (occurring once every 80-100 years) could cause a series of catastrophic cyberbullying that swept across the globe and lasted for several months. Maybe more digital detox than you think?

At a recent SIGCOMM 2021 information conference at the University of California, Sargeto Abdu Gioti Irvin, who presented her research on the subject, warned that the effects of this extreme weather could be detrimental to our current way of life.

In a recent interview, Sangeta said, “What really made me think of this was the fact that the world was not ready for the outbreak.” He is married. There was no protocol for effective coping, and it is similar to Internet coping. Our vast infrastructure is not ready for a big solar event.

According to Sangeta’s research, local and regional Internet infrastructure is at risk of extinction, even in large solar storms, because optical fiber itself is not affected by geometrical waves. However, long sea cables connecting continents are very vulnerable. Solar storms, which have disrupted many of these cables around the world, could cause significant damage to communications by cutting off infrastructure. It’s like cutting off the flow of water into an apartment building because of a water break, ”explains senior author Lily Hai Newman. He is married Text.

Our inexperience with these hurricanes makes us vulnerable, but the research within them is just beginning and growing rapidly. And according to Sangeta, there are things we can do in advance to improve our opportunities, such as laying more cables at low latitudes and developing resilience tests focused on the consequences of major network failures. Okay we got this !!! You can read the full report here.

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