Dry and hot weather continues as we look at the Gulf

(KSLA) – Reinforcement has arrived! Another cold front is pushing its way through ArkLaTex. This does not bring any rain, but it does shed more moisture! The Gulf of Mexico could be hit by another storm over the weekend.

This evening will be great to enjoy! There will be no rain, and the clouds will be clear. I expect a lot of sunshine mixed with these clouds, and we should have a beautiful sunset! The temperature warms up early tonight, but it cools down until sunset in the mid-80s.

One night, it will still be very exciting. Temperatures in the north arcacatex, including southwest Arkansas, have cooled to the lower 60’s. On the I-20 corridor, it must cool down until the mid-60s. Then, to the farthest south, it gets a little warmer. The cold front that was moving will disappear at sunrise on Thursday. This will take all the clouds with him, so we will wake up more sunlight in the morning!

Thursday will fall to normal temperatures. That reinforced cold building will now be to the south, and will bring even cooler air. This humidity is low and helps keep the temperature from overheating. The peaks are in the lower half of the 90’s. There will be more sunlight without the chance of rain during the day.

Friday should be nice and dry with no rain. There should also be plenty of sunlight for the day. Temperatures range from afternoon to mid-90’s. , So yes, it will be hot, but with low humidity, it will still be wonderful on your Friday!

This weekend will be great. Don’t look for rain, but a lot of sun on both days. Moisture will be low for another two days, so use it whenever you can. It will be hot in the mid-90’s. If you plan anything this weekend, you don’t have to worry about the weather!

Rain may return early next week. Monday and Tuesday have low rainfall chances, but signs suggest we may have some showers and maybe a couple storms. Check back soon with us at KSLA. In addition to the possible rainfall, temperatures continue to fall as low as the mid-90’s.

It will return to a 20% chance of rain on Wednesday. So, I did not buy a full shower, but it does not seem to last long. Temperatures fall to the upper 80s and lower 90s. It should still be a great day!

In the tropics, Larry is still a big hurricane, but he is now a cat. 2. The good news is that he is out in the Atlantic. It should be very close to Bermuda, but the worst weather will be east of the island. There is no threat from this system to the East Coast. We are also looking at the Gulf of Mexico for some development. For now, the chances are 60% in the next 2 days and 60% in the next 5 days. Even if something happened, it would be nothing more than a rainstorm near Florida. And this system is forms, it is called Mindy. There is no risk to Louisiana or ArkLaTex from this system.

Have a great Wednesday and even a better weekend this week!

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