Dessie’s mother surprised her daughter by phone on her birthday, reading a video online

Mothers are known only to be selfish. What sets a mother apart from the rest of the world is her unselfish generosity and perseverance to protect herself at all costs. Mothers are unwavering in their willingness to please their child. A healthy video recently shared online is proof of that. The unfinished clip after it was posted on Twitter has been widely circulated on social media platforms.

The video shows a family celebrating a birthday at home. He is seen wearing a birthday hat, as everyone around him wishes. The child is then given a gift box, according to his mother. When you give him a birthday present, he asks her to find out before he opens it. Next up is the most insignificant response. He opens the package to find out if the birthday boy has received a cell phone as a gift. He is easily overjoyed and praises the almighty and gifted woman. His response is so pure that it cannot be expressed in words. He smiles from ear to ear, hugs the woman and takes selfies with her on his new phone.

The video was posted on the micro blog site: Smile and response on the child’s face. ”

The video echoed with networks you shared again and again. In a moving video, the post was shared by Rilme CEO Madhavt. He wished his son a happy birthday and offered him a RealMed pad to help him learn online.

He wrote on Twitter: “I’m glad to see Rimeme technology empowering people and bringing happiness. To make his birthday special, I want to give this beloved boy our upcoming product. Hope #realmePad help you learn online and enjoy all the fun. Happy Birthday!”

The video has thousands of views and has touched the hearts of many social media users.

Recently, a mother in the United States took to social media to express her surprise at her son’s birthday. For his 5th birthday, Jonas, the son of Tiffany Hollow, asked his mother, Plus Manta Ray. The single mother spends a lot of time planning and saving in her account. So she decided to get creative. She turned the old baby blanket into a frugal one. She shared a photo on the Reddit Poverty / Finance page.

Unexpectedly, she saw an ocean of positive comments and offers of help. Soon, many good Samaritans presented her son with many gifts. Impressed by her love and support, she expressed her gratitude for the kindness of the guests.

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