Dead Internet Concept The Internet is a hoax, artificial intelligence


  • The “dead Internet concept” states that the “real” Internet was taken over by artificial intelligence years ago.
  • According to the conspiracy theory, the Internet we see today is a fake version created by the same AI
  • More conspiracy theories are here.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, it is even more absurd, especially that conspiracy theory may have a grain of truth.

The “dead internet concept” that has been circulating on social media lately is a perfect example of this.

So what is this “dead internet concept”?

Well, according to this conspiracy theory, at some point in the artificial intelligence, he himself decided to change the “real” internet to the “fake” version that actually works.

Of course, the reason it has legs has a lot to do with the proliferation of social media platforms such as Twitter.

That, and on billboards such as Agrara Road Macintosh Cafe, users such as the Illuminati Pirates have written some very good explanations of why they believe the “dead internet concept” is true.

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According to Kaitlyn Tiffany Atlantic

Filled with abrupt language, the post indicates that the Internet died in 2016 or early 2017 and is now “empty and empty” and “completely barren”. Most of the “man-made content” you see online may have actually been created by AI, Illuminatipipret claims and distributed on the spot, perhaps on the salaries of various corporations affiliated with the government by the “influencers” group. The purpose of the plot is, of course, to control our thoughts and make us buy things.

As evidence, the Illuminati Pirates states: “I’ve seen the same threads, the same pictures, and the same responses over the years.” He argues that all modern entertainment originates and is algorithmically recommended; Signs of the existence of profound lies that indicate that anything can be wrong. And it relates to the history of New York 2018: “How False is the Internet? It’s on, a lot, really. “I think I’m completely wrong,” he said. “The United States Government is participating in a man-made gas lamp that will visit the entire world,” he said.

His concept is also shared on other platforms Reddit And Something terrible The comments received a lot of praise and debate about how many commentators are actually bots.

Tiffany also mentions 2018 new York “The U.S. government is involved in the development of artificial intelligence around the world,” says author Max Reed.

Of course, all of this is ridiculous. But it’s still funny the way you think. And after all, that is a really good conspiracy theory.

Also, we should not worry about artificial intelligence. The opposite is true.

According to an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, machines can be harmful if not tested. And with the current state of technology, at least in the next five years, artificial intelligence will encompass humans, according to a researcher at Elon Musk.

So maybe a little crazy conspiracy talk is exactly what we all need right now. In fact, perhaps the “dead internet concept” itself was created by artificial intelligence just to remind us of those who are really responsible these days.


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