As the farmers’ protest enters its third day, Minister Haril and Minister Anil Vij on his part said the government is ready to conduct an independent investigation into the “entire canal section”.

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Cardinal / Chandigah, September 9

Hariri and Interior Minister Anil Vij said on Thursday that the government was ready to investigate “controversial comments” by the IAS officer and the “entire section of the canal” to allow farmers to sit outside the district headquarters, including police lectures on farmers.

“No one can be uploaded without an investigation,” he said.

On August 28, police used force to prevent farmers from going to a BGP venue in the canal. Their demands were based on the suspension of IAS officer Ayush Sinha, who had been taped by police for “breaking his head” during cross-border protests last month.

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Before it was introduced as part of a major bureaucracy, Sinha was the former Channel SDM. Agricultural union leaders have argued that the transition is not a punishment.

We are ready for an independent investigation, but this applies not only to (formerly) SDM (Ayush Sinha) but also to the entire channel. If farmers or their leaders are found guilty in this (investigation), then any action is considered appropriate, ”Vija told reporters in Ambala.

However, the minister said, “Only real questions (from opposition farmers in the canal) are acceptable.”

“We will not hang anyone because someone says that … Is the country’s IPC (Indian Penal Code) different from the farmer? It can’t be like that and the punishment is always based on the crime committed. He mentioned their request.

In an earlier statement to the police, Samiuk Kisan Morcha said that Sinha’s case should be registered.

Farmers who protested on the channel said that people have the right to protest peacefully.

“Farmers are mobilizing in the canal, which is their democratic right,” Vij said. Dialogue is an important part of democracy. ”

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has ordered the government to extend the ban on mobile internet services in the woreda until midnight on Thursday.

“Mobile internet services in the Channel District were suspended from September 9, 7,0000 to 23:59,” he said on Thursday.

Another round of talks between woreda officials and farmers on Wednesday, led by protesters, said protesters would remain in the woreda’s headquarters indefinitely.

Meanwhile, until the third day, protesters remained at the entrance to the mini-secretariat compound at the canal, although farm union officials and the public were not barred from entering. With PTI

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