5 PM weather report

5 PM weather reportIn northern Minnesota some Monday nights late, and in the subway early Tuesday, the rest of the work week will be calm and beautiful.

Artist to ship Frescos painted in Mpls. To the Italian ChurchMinneapolis native and artist Mark Balma In 2020, he received a commission to paint the walls of the Catholic Church north of Rome, but Kovid found it locked out of the country. Instead, he has been painting pictures of the Trinity in a studio in Minneapolis.

Children rescued from Lake NocomisThe Minneapolis Fire Department said two children did not respond after being evacuated from Lake Nocomis on Monday afternoon. After one CPR, the heart rate returned.

Instability for Minnesota students at the beginning of the school yearMany Minnesota schools have some degree of masking obligations, and St. Paul has immunizations for teachers and staff. But no matter where students start school, it still looks a little different.

WCCO Digital Update – Afternoon September 6, 2021Jeff Wagner has the latest headlines.

Kickliy releases 2021 state fair drawingsAt this year’s exhibition, the artist, known as ‘Kikley’, is depicting some of the most popular buildings and attractions. Last year it took 90 days to complete 80 pictures.

Noon weather reportWCCO Kathy Steiner shares the latest weather forecast, and Labor Day is expected to be light and bright.

Frequency travel for a strong Labor Day celebrationCompared to 2020, more Americans are traveling this weekend, but overall, the travel industry is still struggling to get back on its feet.

On the last day of the 2021 government show, there are lots of offers, giftsMonday celebrates Minnesota Day of Hope, Healing, and Life. Stage activities include singers, dancers and community leaders.

Gopher Ibrahim could miss the rest of the season with a hamstring injuryMinnesota Gopher star Mohamed Ibrahim is set to miss the rest of the 2021 season due to a foot injury sustained in Ohio State on Thursday.

Rebecca Kolls’ Top 3 Sweet Ways to Eat CornIt is harvest time, and there is no shortage of great ways to prepare sweet corn.

5 Best Practices for Kids Before Going to SchoolGoing back to school means going back to early alarms for many children and parents, says fitness expert Ali Holman.

9 AM Weather forecastWCCO meteorologist Riley O’Connor said we look forward to a beautiful calm week following Labor Day.

Scotland joins the list of countries with a standard 4-day work weekIceland and New Zealand tried and the staff loved it. Workers in Scotland receive the same pay, but their time is reduced by 20%.

1 in 3 Minnesotans found the perfect work-life balance in the lockThe state’s highest percentage was 70% in Alaska. And the lowest percentages are only 20% in Louisiana, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Morning News from September 6, 2021.A Minnesota parent may not be required to wear a state-of-the-art school and state-of-the-art school wallet mask and COVID-19 booster may be on the road at the end of the month.

‘CBS Minnesota Morning Update’: National Reading Book DayIn addition to Labor Day, it’s an unofficial summer holiday, as well as National Reading Book Day, so we wanted to hear what your favorite book was last year.

4 Things You Should Know About September 6, 2021For most Minnesota students, the end of summer is Labor Day.

Didn’t you go to the state show? There is still a way to eat like youThe boxes sent included sweet Martha cookies, proton pie, cheesy yogurt, fries, mini donuts and corn.

Hours of closing date for frontline payLegislators have $ 250 million to work on. The problem is, you can’t agree on who should qualify and how many people should get it.

Your voice for the funny wildlife photo contest needs your voiceDance from a few 42 contestants, many of the last 42 contestants to some of the animals that looked live this year.

CBS mornings are ready for the first time at the former MTV TRL studioCBS Morning Co-host Tony Dokupil shares the behind-the-scenes look, past signs are part of the decoration.

Twenty years later, a team of firefighters who rescued a woman from the WTC was injured on 9/11A team of firefighters survived the crash for four hours in a collapsed World Trade Center.

National headlines from September 6, 2021.The Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccine could be launched in two weeks, and it has been a week since Hurricane Ida entered the Gulf and opened up the east coast.


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